Apparel Affiliate Program Marketing Tips (Boho, Grunge, Goth, Women's Clothing)

Read on and learn how you can sign up for free and in one example, earn $123 a year potentially from just one pin on Pinterest. 

If you have yet to sign up as an affiliate, please click here and sign up for free.

Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login



Step 2: Choose the page you want to promote. It can be the home page, (which is fine), or a collection, style, search result or contact us with a list of products and name for your choice of collection.


Step 3: Click on the menu tab, "Link Generator."

Step 4: Paste the URL you chose in step 2 in the area for "Link." If you wish to send visitors to the home page, then leave the home page there.

Step 5: Copy and paste either the destination URL or the HTML code.


Examples of where to place:

Email signature/Whatsapp broadcast to contacts/Facebook status update

I highly recommend Rebel Style Shop for super cute cat fashion items.

(You would replace "cat fashion items" with what makes sense based on the link destination you chose and use your affiliate link ending in #ref=[your affiliate ID].)

How to set your email signature in Gmail.

How to set your email signature in Yahoo.



Pinterest as a destination for an image you pinned from the store or related image.

You would use your affiliate destination link and change the destination. Here is a video on how to do it and an article.

As an example, here is one pin, pinned normally from the store. There was no paid traffic at all for it.

In 30 days, it received 87 clicks. Approximately 10% of clicks continue to buy from this one pin!

Assuming this traffic continues for the year, for this one pin, you would earn $12.99 x 10% = $1.29 per sale x 8 per month x 12 months = $123

Your results will vary (of course) and not all pins get this amount of traffic.

Some reasons our conversions are very high:

  • Very professional website.
  • Secure seals on bottom right.
  • Continual testing of opt-ins.
  • Upon opting in the person gets custom newsletters with items they are most likely to want.
  • If someone adds to cart and doesn't check out, they get an abandoned cart series with a coupon at the end to be motivated to return and buy.
  • 365 day return policy.
  • Only $47 for free shipping.
  • Upsells on most popular items.
  • Continual new extremely high quality, very competitively priced and popular items being added weekly.
  • For affiliates generating sales, we will provide custom images (nicer than the shirt that got 100k impressions) for you to have (to share unique images).
  • And the secret sauce.