Sign Up As An Affiliate And Earn From Sales Of Goth, Kawaii, Boho And Other Women's Accessories And Apparel In Top Affiliate Program

The affiliate program converts very well, in some cases as high as 10% of targeted traffic into commissions!

Some reasons our conversions are very high:

  • Very professional website.
  • Secure seals on bottom right of each page.
  • Continual testing of opt-ins, products, sales page, and more.
  • Upon opting in the person gets custom newsletters with items they are most likely to want.
  • If someone adds to cart and doesn't check out, they get an abandoned cart series with a coupon at the end to be motivated to return and buy.
  • 365 day return policy.
  • Only $47 for free shipping.
  • Upsells on most popular items.
  • Continual new extremely high quality, very competitively priced and popular items being added weekly.
  • For affiliates generating sales, we will provide custom images (nicer than the shirt that got 100k impressions) for you to have (to share unique images).
  • And the secret sauce.

Now that you know that the program is one of the best, continue to get started for free and then see the marketing tips to start earning.

Step 1:

Sign up as an affiliate. It's free and can be done in a couple of minutes. Approval is instant.

Step 2:

Start promoting as an affiliate. Here are marketing tips.

Once you have made your first 10 sales, contact us with your social media accounts and what products you are most interested in at to review your accounts and see if you qualify.

Meanwhile, continue marketing and earning commissions!

Step 3:

Collect your earnings in cash (via PayPal) for $100 or more, or get FREE merchandise with a Gift Card (from your affiliate earnings).

Enjoy and repeat!