Are you an artist, graphics designer, illustrator or just really creative and want to earn money from your designs?

Your strength is design. Ours is store management, customer satisfaction, and online marketing.

Save yourself stress.

Save yourself the hassle of responding to customer service emails, building out listings, learning about SEO, setting up Google shopping campaigns, learning Facebook Marketing, tracking conversions, responding to chargebacks, responding to social media messages and more. Basically, the business aspect is a full-time job. Designing is much more fun. We are here to let you focus on design and the wonderful feeling you get and earn from it.

Here's what we will do for you for FREE:

1. Receive your design and set it up in a collection in our online store on numerous products (wallet, shirts, hats, and others). We will optimize the listings to get the most views as well as SEO.

2. Set up your design on shirts in our MERCH account. We will optimize the listings to get the most views as well as SEO.

3. Create mockups of the shirts on people for use in to increase the virality of them in social media channels.

4. Market to our growing list of email subscribers.

5. Market to our following on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and G+.

6. The market in Google with Google shopping.

7. At our discretion launch campaigns on Facebook to scale up winning designs. Or YouTube video campaigns or others.

How much do you earn?

50% of all net profits for your designs for non-exclusive (e.g. you can also test selling your designs on different websites, but we are confident you'll find it a hassle).

Net profit is profit after the product cost and advertising.


Your items sell $10,000 in gross sales. The costs for the items and shipping come to $4,000. The advertising comes to $1,000. We would split $5,000 and you would receive $2,500.

How do you track earnings?

We will share a private google spreadsheet with the sales and expenses for your items as a group. We'll update weekly. And at any time we can send screenshots of the source accounts for your items.

When will you be paid?

You are paid each month by the 21st (so we can reconcile) for the prior month's sales. Payments are via PayPal

How soon until I make a lot of money (get rich)?

Like with any new product (we have launched various in Amazon and on websites), give it some time to build up. We'll work together to grow the earnings more and more. You focus on the designs and we'll do everything possible to reach a massive following.

If I want to stop, can I?

You can, however, since we are going to invest a lot of time up front building the campaigns, making mockups, building product listings and more, we ask that you let us show you results for at least 12 months. Since we are 100% focused on professionalism and long-term success, you only stand to win. And you can also test your hand on other websites that don't provide the personal attention that we do to build the brand.

Get started today. Email us to team@rebelstyleshop.com a link to your designs and more information about you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I have control or monitor the sales and make sure the numbers are real?
A: We could walk you through our account in Merch, website, and Ad spend on these designs once a month. With all that, you can be sure we won't manipulate numbers because we want us to win and make a lot of happy customers.

Q: The designs would be original or do I have to make some changes for you to use it?
A: It is possible we ask you for small changes, but the design won't change its essence.

Q: Can I put my sign on the design?
A: Yes, we believe and respect the rights of the designer and its creation as an artist, so you can sign in a small corner of your design if you wish to.